How to Make Tarragon Tea

Tarragon Tea
Tarragon tea (French tarragon) is mild and can be relaxing and de-stressing after a difficult day. It can help you sleep. It can also relieve gas, indigestion and may help cure hiccups. It's easy to make, and if you keep a tarragon plant or two on your deck, in your garden or even indoors on a sunny windowsill, you'll have a regular supply of fresh leaves. Be sure to use tarragon fresh, once dried it loses many of its medicinal and flavorful qualities.

Easy Tarragon Tea Recipe

1 tbsp. Fresh tarragon
Boiling water

Bring 8 to 10 oz. of water to a rolling boil and pour over fresh leaves. Let steep five minutes.


For indigestion, add a little grated ginger or a few mint leaves to the tea. It's a double whammy that'll settle your tummy in no time.

Sweeten tarragon with fresh stevia leaves or honey. They're both delicious.

Caution: If you're pregnant, avoid medicinal and aromatherapy tarragon for the duration of your pregnancy.

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Photo Courtesy of John Joshua Rosario at Flickr.


  1. Hi, Sara,

    I have been raising herbs for years because I like the way they look and the deer don't eat them. I use most of them but never found enough recipes for the tarragon plant that exploded in growth this year. I am drinking some tea right now from you recipe. Threw in some ginger and mint to boot. Thanks for the suggestion.


    1. Jan,

      My pleasure. Thanks for your kind note.

  2. I always drink tea in the morning mixed of tarragon leaves, mints with lemon and honey. It is so refreshing!

  3. I have been looking for ways to help my digestive system. I tried tarragon and mint today in a tea. This is truly the best tea I have ever had. No need for sweetener. I am loving this. Thank you so much. We will see how it affects my body in a week or so I guess..


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