What's a Good Tarragon Substitute?

Tarragon Substitute
Dried tarragon doesn't have the flavor or medicinal punch of fresh, so it's always best to freeze fresh leaves at the end of summer. If you've run out of your hoarded stock of fresh frozen tarragon long about February, what should you do? If a favorite chicken or egg recipe calls for tarragon, there is a cheat that can get you through till your plants start sprouting in July.

No, don't try dried tarragon, it tastes like lawn clippings. I hesitate mentioning it, but in a pinch you can substitute fennel seed or anise seed for tarragon. Try a pinch of crushed fennel seed as a substitute for a teaspoon of dried tarragon (or a tablespoon of fresh). Start with less if you have your doubts. You can always add more later if you need too. This is definitely a less-is-more proposition, so take it easy. Licorice flavor can be strong, especially in mild egg, chicken, turkey, salmon and cheese dishes.

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