How to Make Lemon Balm Liquor (Liqueur)

Lemon Balm Liquor
This citrus liquor really benefits from the addition of lemon balm leaves. It gives the bouquet a light, sweet lemony fragrance -- one thing that is so appealing about this herb.

Lemon balm liquor is best served chilled from your freezer -- and use some caution because it packs a wallop. It's like lemonade for grownups.

Instructions for Making Lemon Balm Liquor

Glass jar with a tightly fitting lid (I use a gallon jar, but you can certainly go smaller.)
3 cups fresh lemon balm leaves
12 lemons (Using organically grown lemons with no pesticide residue is a good idea.)
1 cup sugar
1 bottle (80 proof) unflavored vodka (750 ml)


Wash and bruise the lemon balm.

Zest the lemons (you'll be using the lemon zest only). Include as little of the white, spongy pith as possible.

Combine all ingredients and add to the jar. Shake vigorously and place the jar in a warm, dark location for two to three weeks. Give the jar a shake every couple of days. The warmer it is in your home, the shorter the curing time.

Lemon Balm LiquorStrain the liquid through a length of cheese cloth into a display bottle, or use a funnel to return the mixture to the original vodka bottle.

That's it.

Serve this brew chilled.


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  1. How simple and ymmy this sounds! thank you for sharing xxx


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