Healthy Herb Pizza

Tomato Mushroom PizzaThe idea of a healthy pizza may seem like an oxymoron, but it doesn't have to be. Make your own pizza and create a pie that's better for you.

The New York Times has a timely, no pun intended, piece on pizza making that you should hang on your refrigerator this spring and summer. Pizza is a dish that can be easy to make and it also makes a great meal on the go.

For a healthier offering, try a thin crust. The New York Times recipe uses part whole-wheat flour and involves the usual bread making effort. For pizza night at my house, I press the bread maker into service, setting the machine for the dough only option. It does the work, and all I have to do is roll it out, load it, and bake it.

Some Delicious Pizza Topping Combinations

I play with different toppings, but try to keep them light on fat. Once you start adding fresh herbs for flavor, you don't need as much sauce and cheese. Keep a quality olive oil on hand, and use sea salt if you can; it adds flavor. I take commercially available sea salt and grind it in a coffee grinder. It comes out very fine, and the trace minerals do add something to veggies . . . in my opinion.
  • Basil, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella
  • Portabella mushrooms, diced tomatoes, spinach, fresh garlic, and shallots
  • Goat cheese, button mushrooms, and mashed garbanzo beans
  • Minced salmon, Monterey jack cheese, black olives, chives, and dill
Try a better-for-you pizza by making it yourself. After a little practice, you'll be able to create a masterpiece in no time, and the bread maker will do most of the work.

For tips on dragging your bread maker out of the closet and actually using it, take a look at: Put Your Bread Maker to Good Use

To take a look at the New York Times article, visit: Healthier Pizzas

Special Note: That ground sea salt idea works well on popcorn too.


  1. Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight?

    I am all for grilled veggies and herbs on pizza! You completely read my mind. :)

  2. Jessica,

    Pizza can be a feast if you like veggies and appreciate herbs. And grilling rocks. I love to use shallots instead of onions. They have a deep but gentle onion flavor. Have fun!



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