Herbs and Foods that Can be Toxic To Your Pets

For many of us, our pets are members of the family, and there are unpublicized hazards that can impact their health.

Household Dangers to Your Pet

You may not know it, but using high heat with your non-stick pans can be toxic to your birds, that aspirin and aspirin-like pain relievers can kill your cat, and onions can be toxic to your dog.

Chocolate and raisins can also be harmful to your dog, and cats can have bad reactions to the use of aromatherapy oil (concentrated essential oils).

I receive a high volume of traffic to this site from people who are looking for alternative methods of treating their pets for illnesses. I don't pretend to be an expert, but I rely on experts when it comes to the health of the animals in my care.

If your pet is sick, please see a veterinarian. Many vets have flexible payment plans, or there may be community outreach programs that can help you get your pet the care it needs.

The following link will give you additional information on plants that are toxic to pets: Plants That are Toxic to Your Pets

Special Note: A while after this post, I wrote an article on pet gifts for a holiday blog that I maintain. The blog describes some of the new and interesting pet products on the market, complete with links. If the idea of pet essences to calm your pet's nerves, or a staircase to help your ailing pet make it to his favorite spot on the bed appeals to you, please check it out: Pampering Your Pet

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