Treat a Tummy Ache With Peppermint

Peppermint What would you pick as the most quintessential flavor of Christmas. My vote goes to peppermint. I smell peppermint, and I'm six years old holding a sticky candy cane in my hand and looking at the colored lights on the tree. This was back when Christmas tree lights were enormous.

After the holiday, don't toss your candy canes in the dumpster! Put them in your medicine cabinet in a tightly sealed bag. Peppermint is a great treatment for stomach upset, and you can keep a few of your Christmas candy canes on hand throughout the year to help you combat a tummy ache. It really works. Oh, and peppermint tea works great too.

One exception to this is stomach upset due to acid reflux. Mint can increase stomach acid, so take an antacid instead if you're plagued with this condition.