How to Grow Lavender and Use it in Cooking and Crafts

Use Lavender in Crafts

If you've visited here much, you know I love lavender. Over the years, I've written content about fun things you can do with your lavender harvest (for crafts, cooking and medicinal uses) and also about the literature and interesting history of my purple passion.

Since the lavender growing recap I posted a few days ago was so well received, I thought some of the following posts would make good lunch reading. Lavender really does deserve a little spot by your garden gate, here's why:

Lavender Facts of Interest

Using Lavender in Cooking and Crafts

Understanding Lavender's 'Lucky" Reputation

Keeping Lavender Indoors

Lavender in History 

The Legend of Four Thieves Vinegar

Lavender in Literature (Quotes)

Lavender Recipes

Herbes de Provence Recipe 

Make Lavender Sugar

Make Lavender Sugar Cookies

Make Lavender Ice Cream 

Make Lavender Salt

Make Lavender Apple Cake

Make Relaxing Lavender Tea

Lavender Ice Tea 

Lavender Crafts

Make Lavender Bath Salts 

Make Lavender Facial Scrub

Make Lavender Water

Make Lavender Oil

Make an Easy Lavender Candle

Make Lavender Bubble Bath

Make Lavender Sunburn Treatment

Make a Lavender Wand

Lavender Bedbug Spray

If you only have a plant or two and need more lavender buds than you're currently harvesting, you can buy food grade lavender online.

For your first project, try a lavender wand.  Even when the fragrance fades, you can refresh it with a little lavender essential oil. My wands are more streamlined that many you'll see.  They're beautiful to look at will last for years. This lavender wand style makes a wonderful gift and looks adorable in a closet or linen drawer.

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