Lavender for Luck

Lavender1Why is lavender lucky?

I have been trying to find a link to lavender and luck since reading the novel "Practical Magic". I can locate many references to luck associated with planting lavender with roses. The earlier sources for lavender as it relates to attracting good luck, or possibly repelling misfortune, are linked to its association St. John Day where it was burned in bonfires when evil spirits were said to walk among men.

Origins of Lavender

I thought it was very entertaining that the word comes from the Latin: "Lavare", meaning to wash, and was used extensively in Roman baths. It may have even been the Romans that introduced lavender to Britain. (Remember Yardley soap?)

Practical Magic House and Garden

In any event, I located some interesting material on the history of lavender, as well as a great site for Practical Magic (the movie), which I stumbled on. It has photos of the interior kitchen set used in the movie as well as sketches and photos of the garden. I love looking at old houses, particularly the kitchens and gardens. I thought you'd enjoy it too. I've lusted after the stove ever since I saw it.

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