Make Lavender Water

Ironing Water Scented with Lavender Lavender water is a good way to add the fragrance of lavender to your linens, general cleaning, and crafts.

Lavender Water Recipe

4 Cups Distilled Water
5 Tablespoons of Vodka (Cheap Vodka is okay)
30 Drops of Essential Oil of Lavender

Mix thoroughly and decant into decorative bottles, atomizers, or all-purpose spritzer bottles.

You can also use it in spritzer bottle when ironing clothes, or pour it directly into your iron. If you use vinegar as a disinfectant, you can mix lavender water with your vinegar to give it a sweeter fragrance.

Uses for Lavender Water

Vinegar is a scent that isn't overtly flowery, so it's a favorite with men and women. It has a complex chemical composition, but it doesn't compete with the other fragrances in your home. A little lavender in the rinse cycle when washing your sheets, or sprayed on your pillowcase a few hours before bedtime can help relax you to sleep.

It also works well in your kitchen. If you want to mask kitchen odors, wipe your countertops, appliances, and kitchen trash container with lavender water. Unlike cleansers or air fresheners, it doesn't have a heavy masking quality, but does a good job of reducing the pungency of undesirable odors like garlic, onions, and burnt food.


  1. I currently have some munstead lavender plants that are turning a lovely deep purple. When is the best time to harvest? They are rather short stemmed still, but have blossomed out. Is it time?


  2. Hi M,

    Thanks for visiting. I pick lavender all season, but do most of my biggest harvesting when it's in bud - before it blooms out. I always leave some to bloom and use it for wreaths and dry arrangements. When the spike is in bud it has a strong fragrance that works well in cooking and crafts, like lavender sugar, lavender wands, and potpourri.

    I hope this helps. Depending on your location, you could get two harvests in a single season.

    Good luck,


  3. thanks so much for posting on this!

  4. VCPR,

    It's always a pleasure to write about lavender and chat with a lavender lover. Lavender water is a great freshener for my kitchen drapers - which can smell a little too much like yesterday's dinner sometimes.

    It also makes ironing day smell like a spring morning when I add it to my water-spritzer.




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