Lavender Ice Tea Recipe

In spring, there's nothing better than a refreshing herbal ice tea in the afternoon. My favorite way to brew ice tea is with fresh herbs, but if you only have dried, that works too.
Lavender Ice Tea
2 Tbsp. Lavender flowers (1 tablespoon dry)
1 Tbsp. Lemon balm (1 teaspoon dry, or one lemon slice)
1 Tbsp. Mint (1 teaspoon dry, applemint is best, but spearmint works well too)
3 Tbsp. Honey
Directions for Lavender Ice Tea
Pour six cups of boiling water on herbs and steep for ten to fifteen minutes.
Cool to room temperature.
Add lemon slice after cooling if you're using it instead of lemon balm.
Add honey and stir.
Lavender TeaAdd crushed ice.
Special Note: If you like something more traditional, try adding a tablespoon of lavender flowers to your favorite tea blend, like English breakfast. To make a pot, add the lavender flowers to a tea infuser or muslin bag with your regular brew. Allow to steep for five minutes.
For information about the health benefits of lavender, visit the Lavender Summary created by Natural Standard with the help of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School. It will give you some insight into the scope of current research into the medicinal value of lavender.
Photo: Trish Steel [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Oh that sounds really delicious. I'm going to copy the recipe as my lavender isn't in flower yet! Val

  2. Hi Valeri,

    My lavender is just coming on, and it's a great time in the garden. I usually use quite a bit for lavender wands, but some of what's left always goes into a few pitchers of lavender ice tea.

    I hope you get a good crop.


  3. Oh Valeri, this sounds refreshing -- I must try it! Janet

  4. Ooops, I meant Sara, not Valeri!

  5. Anonymous1:32:00 PM

    how about we all try making this and THEN comment? I am drinking mine now. MMMM.. worth it.

  6. Anonymous1:54:00 AM

    This sounds so yummy! But how do you find the lavender? I am not asking how to find the plant, I am asking how to find the extract?

  7. You can buy food grade lavender flowers online.

  8. could anyone tell me whether you can make tea from any kind of lavender flower?
    Thank you

  9. Hi Blazej

    Lavendula angustifolia (English lavender) and Lavandula x intermedias are the two varieties most associated with culinary applications. You can probably use just about any food grade lavender in tea, though. By food grade I mean lavender that hasn't been sprayed with pesticides and is otherwise safe for human consumption.

    Hope this helps.



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