Safe Indoor Pest Control for Your Plants

If you brought any unwelcome freeloaders in with your plants this fall, I have a great safe way to deal with them. I'm not sure where I saw this, but for years I've been afraid to spray pesticide indoors because of my pets. So, to treat any insects that may have come inside on my plants' leaves, I place a flea collar around the base of the pot. After a few days, I move the collar to any plant that looks like it's in trouble.

It works like a charm. Many of the outlet stores carry private label flea collars that are very reasonably priced.

This method is safe for your animals and also for you. Change out the collars in spring and fall, and you can rest easy. Give it a try.


  1. Also, pest control is heading more and more towards green solutions. Organic pest control is really growing in the market, they even have tons of do-it-yourself organic products; But you definitely want a professional to handle any pests that live in large numbers.

  2. The funnel shape is a good trap also for yellow jackets and other insects. Instead of brown sugar and water, you can use sprite and meat. As long as there is liquid in the bottle to drown the insects and there is food that attract the specific insects, this is one good way to re-use your 2-liter soda bottles.


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