Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese GaspachoIf you read my post about Portuguese food, you may be interested in creating some simple and flavorful Portuguese dishes. I've been busy publishing a few of my Portuguese recipes around the web. One in particular, Portuguese Cod Cakes, uses an interesting ingredient, dry salted cod. You can find this dried fish in the international isle of your grocery store. You rehydrate the fish by pouring off the salt curing with successive soakings in cold water; what's left is a very flavorful fish that's sweet and succulent, without the fishy taste. It makes a great ingredient in starchy dishes like potatoes or rice.

Portuguese cod cakes (or balls) are a favorite in Portugal as an appetizer and entree. Try them and you'll see why.

The two other recipe offerings I have for you are soups: Portuguese Gazpacho, and Portuguese Kale Soup. Both use the bounty from the garden to make a delicious and light meal that works well with cod cakes or another of your favorite entrees.

Check them out if you have the time. I also have a detailed instruction sheet for preparing dried, salted cod to use in your favorite fish recipes.

Stay tuned. In the next few days, I'll be posting articles on growing and using ginseng and stevia. After that we'll move on to angelica.

I hope you're getting your seeds ready. Spring is just round the corner.

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