Produce Department Herb Plants

The next time you head off to your local produce department, take another look at the fresh herb plants. Usually tucked in an out of the way corner, often by the sacks of peanuts and dried fruits, the culinary herb plants will usually be sitting in black moulded plastic trays. They're green and hardy, or at least they start out that way.

They make me a little sad every time I walk by, and I can't tell you how many times I've bought a straggling plant out of sympathy. I have a big golden sage plant by my roses that found its way into my local grocery and languished because it was probably considered diseased by shoppers looking for something greener. When I finally broke down and bought it, there were two or three stems left and they looked pretty pitiful. The clerk at the checkout couldn't believe I was spending good money for it - and neither could I.

The story has a happy ending. I put the plant in the ground and all was well.

If you buy herbs in pots for their freshness, use part of the plant, and try giving the rest a little sun and water and see what happens. They don't have to be disposable. Many are perennials and can be planted in your garden or potted indoors for years of use and enjoyment.

Just a thought.

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