Keep Lavender Indoors

Lavender makes an attractive and useful indoor plant. When kept in a sunny window, it brings its unique fresh fragrance to your living space. A lavender plant requires little care, preferring to dry out between waterings, although it needs good air circulation, so don't crowd it with other houseplants.

The Best Lavender to Pick as a Houseplant

French lavender (Lavendula dententa) adapts well to an indoor environment, remaining slightly smaller than its outdoor counterpart (about two feet, if that). Be sure to add lime to your potting mix, and introduce eggshells (dried and ground) to the pot occasionally, for extra lime.

Potted lavender can be a part-time visitor to your living room, spending the winter indoors and the summer on you deck or patio. French lavender is only hardy from zones 9 – 11, so bringing it indoors in areas that have harsh winters is a happy solution all around.

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