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Just so you have all the information you need to make the best medicinal use of your herbs and spices, I have a few web pages for you to look at. Tape copies of these to your fridge. They'll be useful year round:

Surprising Healing Benefits of Spices

10 Healing Herbs Used in Teas

11 Medicinal Uses for Food

Healing Herbs: The 15 Most Powerful Healing Herbs in Your Kitchen

We all run across nifty uses from herbs thinking we'll remember them the next time we need a quick antacid or headache remedy. Chances are those great ideas will be long forgotten by the time a sour stomach or sour throat hits, though.

Keep a list of medicinal herb recipes nearby, and store the herbs themselves in your kitchen cupboard or medicine cabinet.

Oh, and get used to drinking a restorative tea every evening. You'll be developing a relaxing habit you can refine to suit any occasion. An aromatic lavender tea will relax your muscles, and ginger tea will settle your nerves and stomach. If you want mild relief for hot flashes, try sage tea. Need a quick fix for that ringing in your ears? Give fenugreek tea a try (but not while you're pregnant or nursing).

Relief is just a cup of boiling water away.


  1. I have a few books on natural herb remedies and refer to them often. Now that we can no longer give our kids cold medicines and decongestants, parents are left looking for alternatives for relief of symptoms. My kids now love tea and if you add enough honey they'll never refuse it ;o)

  2. Sarah,

    I love that idea! Honey and stevia from the garden are wonderful, natural sweeteners.

    Sara E


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