Make a Great Tasting Herbal Tea for Indigestion

Tea Pot PhotoIf you have occasional trouble with indigestion or gas, try a delicious tea brewed with ginger and cardamom. Both ingredients are time honored herbal remedies for stomach ailments, and they're delicious, too. Here's how:

Ginger Tea with Cardamom Recipe

Cut a 1 ½ to 2 inch piece of fresh ginger, peal and slice very thin. Set aside.
Boil three cups of water in the microwave or stove top. If using the microwave, remember that water can super heat, so use caution and cover before removing.

Pour boiling water over ginger, add a pinch of ground white cardamom, and let steep for fifteen minutes. Strain and drink. This great tea is a dessert in itself. Go all out and add a little honey or brown sugar.

Special Note: This is one of my favorite winter indulgences, whether I have indigestion or not. In order to have plenty of ginger, I cut large pieces ahead of time and preserve them in sherry. This way they are ready and waiting for me. I have instructions on preserving ginger with sherry, just click on the link: Ginger Sherry

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  1. Thank you for the recipe i am a tea lover and i will try this for sure.



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