Using Herbs for Dental Care

Because commercial toothpastes and other tooth cleaners and whiteners contain harsh abrasives, detergents, and bleaches, you can give your teeth a break by buying herbal toothpastes, or making your own. Here are some tips for quick, effective tooth care:

A sage leaf rubbed over the teeth and gums will help clean them and make them feel smooth and fresh.

Alpine strawberry rubbed over the teeth can remove stains.

Fresh parsley, lavender water, or mint tea will work as a quick, effective mouthwash.

Oil of clove will ease the pain of a toothache.

Often problems with your mouth are precursors of illnesses in other parts of the body, and infections of the teeth and gums can have an impact on your major organs. If you are having problems with your teeth or gums, notice sores, or your breath smells different, contact a dentist, as this may be a sign of a larger problem.

Sage, alpine strawberry, thyme, parsley, aloe vera, lavender, and mint are easily grown in the garden, and can be useful herbs in maintaining a healthy mouth and gums.


  1. Parsley is my favourite herb...it is a wonderful refreshing bite from the garden, when I wander outside in the summer. I didn't know sage was good for teeth, as well, however. Thank you for the info!

  2. I didn't know there are a lot of herbs that can be used for dental care. I totally agree with you about the commercial toothpaste. While it may taste fresh and all, improper use can actually damage our teeth.

    I'll try these herbal dental cares at home. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. hi im ten and doing a science project on dill and i have a question are dills seeds used to freshen breath please tell me its on may 23 2012

  4. Hi Question Girl,

    Yes, dill seed has been used as a breath freshener (so has parsley seed). You can use the Herb Society of America's PDF document as a reference. There's a notation about dill as a breath freshener on page 4 of the document. You can find it here: http://herbsociety.org/herbs/documents/Dillguidenewer.pdf

    Good luck with your paper.


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