The Healthful Benefits of Cranberries

Cancer Fighting Cranberries also Lower Cholesterol
You may not be growing them in your garden, and they may technically be a fruit, but cranberries are proving to be very beneficial to your health.

I didn't design this blog to discuss current medical research, but time to time some things just jump out at me. I figure, like me, you enjoy understanding the uses of your herbs better. I think this leads naturally to an interest in the uses and benefits of vegetables and fruits. In the spirit of a free exchange of information, I will continue to include this type of material in my blogs, unless I hear loud objections (Author puts hand to ear).

Cranberries May Help to Treat Heart Disease, Cancer, and Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

Recent research is showing that cranberries have uses in treating some impressive illnesses, including: shrinking breast cancer tumors in animal testing, reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol (Plaque buildup in your arteries is a precursor of both heart disease and stroke.), killing gum disease and peptic ulcer bacteria, and, of course, combating urinary tract infections.

Additional Information

If you're skeptical, try visiting some of the following sites for interesting information on cranberries and ways to easily add them to your diet. You'll notice that, in addition to my summary article, there is some good reference material suggesting that cranberries are good for you, possibly very good for you. With the holidays in mind, try making some Cranberry Pumpkin Bread too. It's low in fat and high in fiber:

Cranberry Institute's Research Page (Check the comprehensive Bibliography for additional sites and research.)

The Health Benefit of Cranberries (My summary)

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