Happy Easter from the Herb Gardener

I wanted to pop in and offer my best wishes for the day.  Even if you don't celebrate Easter, for many it's the real rather than the official start of spring.

In a surprising number of U.S. locales, the weather seems too good to be true this spring.  We are a few weeks away from the frost free date in my part of the Midwest, so I've held back from a big push in the garden.  I've been limited to starting seeds indoors, doing some preliminary cleanup in the yard and, of course, watching the weather reports (and the skies).  I am relentlessly drawn to the garden centers around town, though -- and those new plants at the nursery, but it's still too soon.  I've even treated the wooden handles on my trowels and other garden tools with baby oil -- you've gotta know that's pretty desperate to get the season started.

I remain skeptical of all those flats of annuals and veggie seedlings beckoning me to get my hands dirty earlier than is strictly prudent (which would be the first weekend in May for my area).  I've seen the damage a late frost can do. So, I plan on waiting, darn it.  It's a daily struggle, though.

I'm looking at the margins of my garden through a back window as I write.  Everything looks so green and lush. My family is a bit past the stage where hiding Easter eggs is a fun activity.  I miss it, though.  If you're coloring eggs -- and hiding them -- take photos for later.  You'll appreciate the reminders.

Truth be told, I'm actually waiting to catch a glimpse of the wild bunny who has taken to stopping by of a morning to brunch on the returning or newly sprouted plants in my veggie patch.  He clearly appreciates the best, and observing a chubby young bunny on Easter morning seems like a perfect pastime. I'll think of him as a pesky marauder later in the season, but today he's late, and I'm a bit worried.

Whether you're baking up cinnamon rolls for a sweet Sunday treat, hiding Easter baskets behind the couch (You can only do that once. Kids catch on quick.), steaming young asparagus spears, chopping parsley, or just putting the finishing touches on your baked ham, I wish you a delicious, sunny and memorable day!

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