How to Make Sage Tea

Sage tea will calm your frazzled nerves, provide relief to aching gums, help heal a sore throat -- and it even offers a reliable reprieve from hot flashes. Making the tea is easy:

Sage Tea Recipe

Pour eight ounces of boiling water over ten large, fresh, sage leaves (or a heaping teaspoon of dried sage). Steep for five minutes and strain.

Sage tea may taste astringent (this is a polite word for bitter). It's an acquired taste, but you'll be surprised at how effective it can be. Sweeten it with sugar, honey or my favorite, home grown stevia. I also like to combine sage tea with other tasty blends like Darjeeling or English Breakfast.

Note: Avoid using sage tea medicinally if you're pregnant.

Cautions for Using Sage in Herbal Preparations: It is contraindicated if you are currently taking diabetes, anticonvulsant or sedative medications. For more specifics about drug interactions involving sage, the WebMD Sage page (yes, there is one) has useful information you'll want to review: Sage Interactions

The most reliable and fun source of sage for tea is to grow it yourself: Sage Tips


  1. My mother grew culinary sage for seasoning stuffing. She made sage tea for me once when I had a really bad cold. She sweetened it with sugar. Reflecting, I think it would have tasted better not so sweet.

  2. I so enjoy your site and your posts. I have been so busy having my other teas that I have missed using the sage. I could certainly do with some. Thanks for all your great advice.

  3. Thanks for sharing -- both of you. I drink lots of tea, and it's always nice to have some variety to spice thing up.


  4. Anonymous11:31:00 AM

    i have a lot of mint tea in my garden would like to know different things i can do with it

  5. Mint is versatile:

    I use it for tea: hot mint tea will sooth an upset stomach (It's relaxing too).

    I chop mint leaves into fruit salad, use it as a garnish, make a mint syrup to serve with peach ice cream, use it as a marinade for lamb and shrimp, and make a mint jelly for leg of lamb.

    Mint is also an essential ingredient in both a Mint Julep and a Mojito.

    My personal favorites: Peppermint, spearmint, orange mint and apple mint.


  6. My favourite tea combination - sage, mint and lavender (leaves and flowers) in roughly equal parts. Having a cup right now with a slice of lemon in it.

  7. Just steeped some garden sage I dried in my dehydrator to use an inhalant for my annoying summer allergies. Will try the tea. Commenters suggestion to use mint and lavender with sage sounds really good! Have you tried any teas with fresh/dried rosemary as well?

    1. Oh, yes. I like dried rosemary in passionflower tea with lemon. Great on rainy fall and winter evenings.

  8. I hate tea, am a coffee(black) drinker but have sore gums and am sporting a cold..... Off came the sage leaves, while I boiled the kettle.... For once, and now every day, I drink sage tea. My throat is better, my herbs look great being pinched and with a spoonful of honey I have sage tea at 5.00am when my day starts. Wonderful, thank you.
    I still have a few coffees during the day though! Have a great day, thanks.

  9. A friend in Italy suggested I use sage for urinary infections. Am drinking some now to see if it works. Inflmmation is an issue doe to previous antibiotics and chemo treatments.


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