10 Reasons to Grow Herbs

10. They're easy to grow -- so easy that in some places they're considered weeds.

9. Many herbs can attract good insects to the garden (because they have a strong aroma/scent) and repel undesirable ones.

8. From appetizers to desserts, they make inspired garnishes for most dishes.

7. They'll happily take up residence in the most rocky, barren corner of your landscape and still give you a good harvest (for the most part).

6. Herbs are available in lots of varieties, heights and sizes, sometimes in the same general herb category, which makes them versatile and fun to incorporate into your flowerbeds.

5.They'll give you a sense of power the first time you step out your back door with a pair of shears to harvest some fresh herbs for supper.

4. They'll expand your culinary horizons. Once you start experimenting with sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano, chives and their ilk, dried herbs from the market will never have the same appeal again.

3. You'll start to explore the broad and interesting world of hot and cold beverages. How about lavender tea as a muscle relaxer or hyssop tea to clear your sinuses? Whether you want flavor or a home remedy, herbs make great raw material for experimentation and discovery.

2. If you're looking for an inspired and inexpensive way to make unique, personal and memorable holiday gifts, herbs are the solution: make spice blends, teas, culinary wreaths, potpourri, herbal remedies, lavender wands, bath salts and even beauty aids in a couple of hour. Add bargain ribbon and maybe a muslin bag (also inexpensive) and you'll be an instant family superstar - and budding herbal expert.

1. You'll be living the dream. You know you've always wanted to grow herbs. Even potted on a sunny windowsill, keeping herbs is a romantic and compelling hobby that will repay you for the cost of some soil and a pot in dozens of ways.

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