Lavender Salt

Lavender Salt Recipe Photo Courtesy of MorguefileMy friend Eric was interested in making lavender salt to sprinkle on asparagus and wilted spinach salad. It's tasty and easy to make. Here's how.

Recipe for Lavender Salt

4 tbsp. dried lavender flowers
1 c. fine salt (Coarse salt doesn't work as well.)
Glass jar with a tight fitting lid
Muslin fabric

First Procedure

Place two tablespoons of lavender flowers in a length of muslin and wrap securely with string. Follow the same procedure to make a second packet. Place lavender packets in a glass jar and cover with a cup of fine salt. Seal the jar and set it aside for a couple of weeks, shaking it every few days. You'll know it's done when you can smell lavender in a teaspoon of salt that you've removed from the jar.

Alternate Procedure

The process above works great, but I usually just pass on making the lavender packets and mix lavender flowers and salt together in the jar, blending them gently. I let the mixture cure for a couple of weeks, and then pour it into my saltcellar. The saltcellar I use has fine holes, so no lavender flowers escape. The blended salt and lavender makes a nice display, and always sparks lively conversation.

Special Note: Be sure to use food grade lavender, or lavender from your garden that is free of pesticides. English lavender is best for cooking. Select whole flowers, and shake them lightly in a strainer to remove any loose particles.

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