Make Peppermint Ointment

The menthol in peppermint relieves aching muscles and joints. This peppermint ointment is easy to make. It has a milder and more refreshing aroma than over the counter mentholated products, but has the same benefits. If you haven't made a medicinal or cosmetic preparation yet, this is a good one to start out with.

Peppermint Ointment

1 cup olive oil
1 cup fresh peppermint leaves
½ oz beeswax
1 vitamin E capsule
4 drops tincture of benzion

Combine olive oil and peppermint and allow to infuse in a warm spot for 48 hours. Strain the oil through cheesecloth and discard the mint leaves.

Heat infused oil until warm and add beeswax. Stir until the beeswax melts. Add the contents of the vitamin E capsule and tincture of benzoin. Pour mixture into a small container and seal.

Once cool, the peppermint ointment will have a creamy consistency. It will be viable for months as the tincture of benzoin helps create a pleasant consistency and also works as a preservative.

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