Cleaning Flower Pots - and Decorating Them Too

Cleaning Flower Pots

I'm a big advocate of variety in plant pots. I've used ceramic mixing bowls (that I drilled holes in with a special drill bit -- a big thumbs up for Ms. Fixit), watering cans, bulk kitty litter containers, buckets, window boxes, bulk plastic plant pots tinted to look like terra cotta, actual terra cotta pots, wooden barrels, glass bottles.

Once, I even used a roasting pan. It might sound as though my deck looks like junkyard, but somehow all that growing greenery pulls everything together.

One thing I am a stickler about is clean pots. I sterilize and remove mineral deposits with vinegar and a scrub brush. The work goes quickly and this process is very effective. You can probably tidy up your whole pot collection in an hour on the weekend.

I also like to add moss to pots - and even some statuary. Fuzzy green moss can make even a dime store pot look like it's earned a spot in the garden.

I've written about cleaning and decorating pots before -- as well as my fascination with dumpster diving for interesting pot prospects. You can find a few of those posts and articles below.

Cleaning Flower PotsThe holiday weekend is coming up, and it'll be a great time to perform some pot maintenance. Oh, and if have rosemary in the garden and you're grilling lamb, chicken or pork, throw a few sprigs in the coals. You'll love results. Have a great Wednesday.

Image 1 - Garden.fountain.arp.750pix_PublicDomain.jpg By Adrian Pingstone at en.wikipedia (Own work Transferred from en.wikipedia.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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  1. Wow, you have pretty interesting ideas for pots. The one on the last picture is very impressive. I may try something similar.
    Thanks for the ideas.


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