Herbal Sun Tea Recipes and Instructions

Now that high summer has arrived, it's time to brew up some refreshing herbal sun tea. Let nature do all the work and harvest a refreshing and healthy glass of tea for your late afternoon or evening meal. Here's how:

How to Brew Herbal Sun Tea

Grab your favorite large glass jug. It should have a tight fitting lid (non-metallic preferred). Harvest and rinse your favorite fresh herbs. You should have about a third to a half cup of herbs for each eight ounces of water.

Place the herbs in the jar and then add water. I usually use three cups of herbs to seven cups of water or thereabouts. Seal the jar and shake it until you get a little foam.

Place the jar in a sunny spot for about six to eight hours. Shake it two or three times throughout the day.

If you like your tea with a rich, deep color, add a teabag (your favorite basic brew) during the last fifteen minutes or so.

Strain the liquid and add and sweetener to taste. It's summer in a glass.

Some tasty herb blends to choose from:

Peppermint and pineapple sage

Lavender, sage and rosemary

Thyme, apple mint and hyssop

Catnip and lemon balm

Lemon balm, ginger (quarter sized root, minced), lavender

Spearmint, basil and lemon balm

Fenugreek seed and camomile

Lemon balm and lavender

Special Notes: You can easily refine your herbal tea to make it weaker or stronger; add honey, stevia, brown sugar, cream, lemon, lime or anything else that livens up your taste buds. Keep working the recipe till you find one that makes you long for sunset.

If you want a little lavender refinement in your regular tea brew, try making lavender sugar. It's a flavorful reminder of summer all year long: Lavender Sugar Recipe

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