Herb Fun From Around the Web

I occasionally find some amazing recipes, herb lore and fun stuff in my travels. I'd like to share some link love with you. It may help get you through a tough week or give you some added enthusiasm for working in the garden this weekend:

Dandelion Cookies This recipe looks very intriguing. Just make sure to use dandelions that haven’t been treated with pesticides.

If you hate cilantro and don't quite understand how anyone can tolerate the nasty smell, including the millions of folks in Latin and Asian countries who rely on it as a seasoning for meats and vegetables, take a look at this New York Times entry on the nature of cilantro aversion: Cilantro Haters It's Not Your Fault

If you'd like to spare a moment to ponder the delights of summer picnics, stop my article about summer foods. It's located on the TLC food site, a nice destination for recipes and food information you may not have visited before: Top 10 Picnic Foods

I love city gardens and get a kick out of the idea of vertical landscape gardening softening the angular lines of skyscrapers. The San Francisco Chronicle has a piece on these wonderful green mansions you might like: No Space? Go With a Vertical Garden Tapestry

Oh, if you're planning on celebrating the Kentucky Derby this year, why not go all out and try making a mint julep. They're tasty - if strong, and they'll give you a whole new appreciation (and enthusiasm) for your mint patch. (Face it, mint can get out of control sometimes and make you wonder what you where thinking when you planted it in the first place.) Visit my recipe post at: Make a Mint Julep

Have a great week, and don't forget to water.


  1. Excellent read, thanks. I love cilantro and cant grow enough of it. It iw wonderful in meals, crushed or as is and the guinea pig thinks it is Heaven. What I find hard is rice. I like to eat it but it smells like mice.

  2. Frazzledsugarplummum,

    Too funny! Thanks for visiting.



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