Unusual Herb Garden Design

If you've had daydreams of creating your own decorative herb garden design layout but don't have the space or inclination for a decorative wheel or other more complex pattern, there may be an easy way to create a startling effect with less space and work.

Making a permaculture herb spiral will make great use of those bricks you have lying around, and the effects can be attractive, eye catching, and good for the soil. Get your starter herbs up off the ground, and make an elevated garden structure in an afternoon. Adding some height in the garden is always a good thing, and the herbs are easier to harvest this way too.

YouTube has a brief video that will get you started. I stumbled on it at Stumbleupon, which has a good garden section. If you're not a member (It's free), take a look the next time you're surfing: How To Build Soil and an Herb Spiral.

Just an off topic hint here: It's getting closer to the time when Japanese beetles will be sending out scouts and marking gardens for summer feasting. Take a look at my blog for some natural ways to handle this evil and destructive pest. I don't like pesticides or traps, and this method has worked for me for the last three: Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles

Happy gardening, and wear your garden gloves! Fewer and fewer of us can have our ravaged nails professionally done these days, so keep the dirt in the garden and not under your nails.

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