Dry Your Leftover Parsley

Use a dehydrator to dry your leftover parsley If you have leftover parsley every year from your holiday garnishes, try drying it. This is my chance to recommend that you buy a dehydrator if you don't already have one.

Dehydrate Your Leftovers

I have two, and use them throughout the year. They are inexpensive, safe, easy to use, and they can help you save money and eat healthier. If you like herbs, having one is a necessity.

After a few hours in a dehydrator, your leftover parsley will be completely dry, have good color, and be available for your cooking projects in the New Year.

Drying Herbs – Dry Your Store Bought Herbs

If you go through lots of parsley, drying can be a cost effective and efficient solution to the parsley-wilt dilemma. Fresh parsley has a short shelf life, but dried, it can keep its flavor for a number of weeks. Parsley is high in vitamin C and iron, and it may also have cancer-fighting and antioxidant properties, so incorporating it into your diet is a good idea.

I'm trying to go green, and this is my health and conservation suggestion for the week: Use more parsley in your diet, and dry what you don't plan on using immediately.

Drying also works great with cilantro and dill, other herbs that you might buy cut fresh at the store.