2016 Seed Catalog List (Free and PDF)

It's that time again. There's something pretty satisfying about investing in garden seed. It's like making a deposit on the future. A little strategic planning may be in order, though. 

If you want to grow soapwort, for example, some refrigeration will be necessary to make those seeds sprout. A quick perusal of the latest crop of seed catalogs may also reveal new cultivars that break geographical barriers, making some of your wish list items more frost hardy or drought tolerant, and therefore a better bet for your backyard this year.

There are also more and more sellers offering organic, non GMO, open pollinated and heirloom seeds, as well as regional (Italian, Southwest and short season) specialists, and vendors who concentrate on exotic, wild or hard to find varieties.

This list is broken into two categories, sellers who offer paper catalogs and those who don't. Being the beneficiary of a snail mail catalog is a dwindling delight, so take advantage of it while you can -- and while you have a few extra pennies to spend on seed. In a few years, the beloved, dog eared seed catalog will be a thing of the past.

Happy hunting - and may viable seeds be ever in your garden.

Sellers who mail hard copy catalogs on request:

Burpee Gardening - you probably have this early bird one already
Cook's Garden (Purchased by Burpee)
Horizon Herbs (Strictly Medicinal Seeds)
Online Greenhouse  (Press the button for the free order form.)

Worthy sellers using online catalogs or offering PDF downloads:

American Meadows (Specializing in wildflowers)
Gourmet Seed International   - Excel Spreadsheet
Mountain Valley Growers  - Online plant list with helpful tutorials
Nichols Garden Nursery - I took a quick peek, and they appear to offer good value for saffron bulbs.
Renee's Garden (Online  only) - heirlooms and herbs
Sand Mountain Herbs (Online only)
Seedman Exotic Seeds from Around the World  (Online only) - An interesting site for hard to find seeds)
Select Seeds and Plants (rare, heirloom)
Tasteful Gardener (PDF) - Organic Plants
Terrior Seeds (Some nice herb collections)
The Natural Gardening Company  (Online only) - Marketed as the oldest certified organic nursery in the U.S.
White Harvest Seed (heirloom)

Photo source: Flickr user: Biodiversity Heritage Library


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I love reading through your blog :)

  2. I wasn't aware there were so many seed catalogues! Great list. Thank you for sharing. I was only aware of two of them.


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