Blue Moon Folklore

I thought I'd drop in and encourage you to take a look at Friday's blue moon. A blue moon is the second full moon in any calendar month. The term has been around for over 400 years, so people have been tracking blue moons, harvest moons and other moon characteristics for a long time.

Moon watchers already know certain moon aspects can be particularly propitious for gardeners and farmers. A harvest moon after the autumnal equinox is considered bright and beneficial for harvesting that last crop before frosty temperatures arrive, for example. Planting crops based on the phases of the moon was the secret weapon of many dedicated old time farming folk, and the practice has adherents even today. You can find out more about the moon and your garden at: Gardening by the Moon

Have you ever wondered about the gibbous moon? It's the moon phase beyond the halfway point, but not completely full. It's characterized by a more rounded aspect (a pouch) along its previous inward curve. Maybe they should call it the "slightly pregnant" moon. 
A Gibbous moon

A blue moon is considered lucky in some cultures, and in others is an indication of increased chance for flooding. Either way, it's an interesting sight, and one that only rolls around once every 33 months or so.

Here's to good weather for an opportunity to see a "once in a blue moon" natural wonder.

Gibbous moon photo: Flickr   User:  Thomas Bresson

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