Happy Independence Day

I've been maintaining this blog since the end of 2007, and in that time have produced quite a bit of content -- going on 500 posts or so.  Sometimes good tips, tricks and plant profiles get lost in the stacks (or the electronic equivalent), so I wanted to take the time to review a few personal favorites. You may be celebrating the holiday with a backyard get together or a trip to a local park to watch fireworks, but if you have some time today or over the weekend, take a few minutes to review these older posts. They're great with a morning cup of coffee -- in the garden, of course.

Have a wonderful 4th of July celebration!

July in the Garden
Beating the Heat in the Garden
Watering Herbs in Pots
Zucchini Problems - Beating the Bugs
The Best Drought Tolerant Herbs
Herbs that Grow in Shade

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