Merry Chirstmas

Today you may be ankle deep in double-sided sticky tape or battling pesky pie crust, but wherever you're spending Christmas Eve day, I wish you:

A few extra minutes to get things done
A friendly finger to hold the ribbon in place while you tie it
A handy potholder when the timer goes off
Directions you can actually read when assembling that (insert your project here)
Someone to rub your neck when you (finally) get a chance to take a load off your feet

. . . and a Christmas filled with family, friends and good times.

Merry Christmas from Sara

The Herb Gardener

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  1. Sara? I had no idea the Herb Gardener was a woman! How in the world did I get the idea this newsletter was written by a man?

    Sara, The Herb Gardener, I have enjoyed reading and re-reading all of these newsletters. I go back and read, and copy them, and reread them. I just love them. I started a small hay bale garden using your suggestions. It did fairly well; now I have some more bales; however, they were baled so tightly and compactly, that I have had to let them "grow" awhile naturally. I will begin using them for gardening just before this Spring, thanks to you! I hope YOU are having a Wonderful Holiday this Season!
    Love and warm fuzzies to you, from georgia


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