Make Rose Water in Your Crock-pot

Mama Peck (a recent visitor) had great idea I want to share.  Scented water requires an approximate two hour cooking time at a slight simmer.  It's important not to boil the flower petals.  I've made the recipe so many times on the stove that the idea of using a crock-pot (slow cooker) never occurred to me.  Thanks to Mama Peck's suggestion, I made a quick batch -- very successfully.

I used distilled water and rose petals for this, and employed a small crockpot I usually press into service for making cocktail franks and appetizer meatballs.  It has about a six to eight cup capacity.

If you like the idea of making fun fragrances with flower blossoms or herbs, check out the recipe on my post Scented Water and use your trusty crock-pot (on the low setting throughout).  This one almost makes itself.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  After you remove the spent petals from the brew, send them down your garbage disposal.  They may still have enough oomph left to leave it sweet smelling too.




  1. Cool! I'm so glad it worked. Sometimes being an airhead pays off. LOL

  2. So, what's the recipe? How do I make rose water with rose petals?

    1. Maria,

      Click on the words "Scented Water" in the post above.



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