Small Space Gardening

I wanted to touch base with everyone.  The weather is getting warmer here, and I can see this is going to be a big year for pruning and weeding the garden (peonies, roses, holly, comfrey, lilacs, hedges).  I'm getting behind in my landscape maintenance chores, which is a bear, especially when it means the climbing roses are staking a claim to just about everything they can reach (which is a lot). Their thorns are fierce, and every year I swear I'll dig them up, only to be beguiled by their flowers and fragrance for one more season.  I have permanent scars on my arms from those devilish darlings!

Well, I'm in the middle of a couple of writing projects that have been keeping me busy and out of the sunlight -- sadly. I do have something useful to share, though. The folks over at Savvi published one of my blog posts about small space gardening solutions.  I like the post because it has lots of practical video and slideshow links that will give you good information about vertical gardening, square-foot gardening, upside down gardening and more.  If you have a second, give it a look see.  Oh, the Savvi site is a savings portal -- kind of like Coupon Mom meets Ebates. It might be worth a couple of minutes, too.

Enjoy the post:  Small Space Gardening

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