Merry Christmas from the Herb Gardener

Well, after most of the planning, shopping, worrying, cleaning and baking are out of the way (we probably all have wrapping left to do), Christmas is nigh -- as they used to say.  As hectic and demanding as the holidays are, I still love them. Sometimes I love them more in hindsight, it's true. Luckily for me, after the hoopla dies down, memories of a handful of delightful, touching and profound moments make the madness worthwhile.

Whether you live in a charming stone cottage in the woods with the perfect family or are dealing with grief, health problems or financial woes, I wish you a peaceful, life affirming Christmas. By visiting my blog this year, you've made my days more interesting and rewarding. Many of you have expanded my knowledge of herbs as well as my curiosity about more topics than I can mention here. Thank you -- thank you all.



  1. Anonymous8:03:00 AM

    And thank you. What I appreciate most about what you're doing is in your PRESENTation. To me, your energy feels peaceful, playful and committed with on hidden agenda.
    Taking responsibility for one's health, using foods as our first healing source AND those who provide this info., at no cost, is an absolute act of love.
    Peace to you.

  2. Merry Christmas to all of you at the herb gardener. I have learned many new things this past year with you. I do think that the snail picture is might ugly. Thanks to all of you for an informative year

  3. Thank you Sara. I don't comment much, but your blog has been immeasurably helpful and informative for me and others I am sure.

    I love coming here to learn and be educated.

    No offense to sheptoo; I kinda like the snail photo. I know they can be a nuisance, but I find them some what endearing.

    Thanks for all that you have given us here at The Herb Gardener.

  4. I too love the Present ation. Your site not only is extremely informative, it has a warm, loving spirit. For all of this and more, thank you.

  5. Anonymous8:01:00 PM

    I hope your was wonderful and full of love and happiness

  6. Thank you all for your good wishes and kind remarks. You make maintaining this blog a constant delight.



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