Plant Keeping Mistakes Happen

If you've ever planted a potato upside down, cooked a seedling in the sun or neglected a houseplant so completely it looked like a wilted spinach salad, welcome to the wonderful world of plant keeping.

Finding an amazing new plant is like falling in love, there's some initial euphoria before reality sets in -- with its compromise and more than a little trial and error. If you've made a bad call or two, don't beat yourself up about it -- too much.

A green thumb is more about perseverance than being a plant whisperer. I've killed so many plants over the years that I'd be on the ten-most-wanted stupid humans list of the plant cosmos -- if there was one. I learned from each mistake, though. I'm not sure which august personage said it, but the adage that: You don't know a plant until you've killed it at least three times can be a comfort. It has been for me, anyway.

Have a great Sunday in the garden.

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  1. Anonymous8:36:00 AM

    Hah! I like that adage, it's comforting! Houseplants yes, but now I'm onto herbs and a few other edibles, a true urban gardener with a sunny west corner of my apartment and a eastern facing fire escape. Let the experiments begin!


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