Happy Easter From the Herb Gardener

I'm working on Easter baskets and menu items, but I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a good holiday -- whatever you're celebrating -- or just a wonderful spring weekend. I have another mud dauber infestation this spring, but am so happy to be outdoors they don't bother me.

The potatoes, onions, lemon balm, peppermint, lavender, catnip, hyssop, tarragon, asparagus, chives (I also encourage wild onion) and dozens of other plants in my garden are up. Hundreds of indoor seedlings are looking perky and ready to try a mild overnight camping trip in the garden.

The peonies and roses are leafing out, and all the shallow weeds I've been neglecting are calling my name. It's a great time to be out in the garden, even if you're pursuing "gardening lite" by just putting out a pot or two. Enjoy the time. For many of us, these mild days of chicks, spring lambs, bunnies and sweet strawberries give way to hotter, stormier weekends ahead. I hear The Home Depot is offering a veggie plant deal: buy two get one free through the 23rd. They have a limited variety, but their plants are usually in pretty good shape (my personal experience).

I'll have more plant summaries coming up and plan to share some fun herb projects and recipe with photos in the weeks ahead. I'll probably also share my thoughts on growing inverted tomatoes and potatoes in a bag. My straw bale garden is in its second season, so it should be fun to see how well the bales protect and nurture my seasonal herb and vegetable selections.

Thank you for being a regular visitor to my herb blog. Having visitors makes writing so much more satisfying and worthwhile.


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