And Thanks for Your Support!

Over the weekend, I posted about the looming fall gardening season and my personal herb gardening journey. To be honest, every time I write something personal -- as in not dealing exclusively with how to grow and use herbs, I feel a little guilty. In some ways, it seems self-indulgent, although I try to write these pieces as well as I can.

That's why it always amazes me that they're the most well received posts I write. The others: how-tos, plant profiles and recipes, get plenty of coverage and usually score high on Google hits for popular search terms, but it's the personal reflections that have people emailing me or commenting.

I'd like to thank everyone who comes to hear what I have to say. I'm really gratified. When I first started this blog, I was overjoyed to get 20 hits a day. I felt validated and welcome in cyberspace -- don't laugh. Since The Wall Street Journal mention a couple of years ago, I've had a consistent and loyal following, and I think my readers are the absolute best folks around. So thanks again.

. . . and happy harvesting.



  1. So funny, because I was going to write something as well from that last post! I think it's the human element, reaching out from whatever avenue or corner it comes from that we respond to. It's the family, the oneness that is there, the universal bond of just being alive. Thank you for helping us all in our lives, one plant suggestion at a time!

  2. AZ,

    I agree with you that it must be the power of making a human connection. I don't think I'll be as timid about it next time.

    Thanks for writing -- and thank you for your kind words.



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