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If you're growing basil in your herb patch (and we hope you are), there have been problems the last couple of years with basil blight, and this invasive threat is on the move. The East and Midwest have been affected so far, and the airborne spores of this downy-mildew pesto killer are devastating.

If you notice yellowing on the leaf tips of your basil plants, check the back of the leaf. If you see a purplish-grey powdery substance, your plant is affected. There is no effective treatment at this time.Check your stock often and destroy affected plants immediately. Margaret McGrath, a plant pathologist at Cornell University suggests that you spare the healthy leaves and make pesto on the spot. You can freeze your early harvest and hope for a better outcome next year. Read more at: Basil Blight Threatens Pesto Lovers

 Outdoor Vertical Gardening on the Cheap

When you want more room for plants but every available space is home to a leafy green growing thing, grow up instead of out. Vertical gardens are all the rage, and you can hang them outside too. Take a look at a homemade solution that will elevate your landscape: Pocket Gardens Grow Up


  1. Thanks for the info on the basil blight...we're in Utah and haven't seen this yet. Hopefully we'll be spared! Another idea for vertical growing that's even less expensive - save your empty milk jugs. I'm doing this with cucumber plants and tying them to our porch railings currently. It's kind of an experiment, so we'll see how it goes.

  2. Amanda,

    That sounds so neat. Come back and tell us how it works out. I love cucumbers and always have plenty of milk jugs.




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