What Caught My Eye

From bees that build nests out of flower petals to some truly fine tips on taking better photos, there's a lot of spring activity in the cyber-garden.

I spent my weekend feeding peonies, thinning out oregano and weeding around my lavender bushes. It was chilly, so when I finished I came indoors and made some very nice lavender tea and started a new batch of lavender sugar. Everything is greening up nicely, and the birds are making short work of any worms misguided enough to stick their heads up. I have to say I'm usually on the side of the worms in these exchanges, even though a fat robin wrestling a worm out of the ground is a pretty awesome sight after a long winter watching our feathered neighbors huddled on branches or telephone wires.

These articles are worth a scan, and make a nice cuppa when you're done:

Busy Bees Use Flower Petals For Nest Wallpaper (from National Public Radio)

10 Tips for Hummingbird Photos (from Living Green in a Colorful World)

Lavender Tea

Make Lavender Sugar


  1. I wanted to thank you for such an informative site. This place has come up in so many of my google searches that Im totally a regular visitor now. Comfrey, Periwinkle, Soapwort and Catnip are just a few of the herbs Ive learned more about here. Thanks for sharing your interest in herbs with us!

  2. Shell,

    How nice. Thank you for visiting.



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