Make Herbal Mosquito Repellent

You can make yourself, and your yard, less sweet-smelling to mosquitoes by employing four traditional herbs:


You can use them as a spray with either a vinegar or water base. A garlic and pepper spray follows, but in a pinch you can just rub the leaves of any of the herbs above on your skin (marigold could stain if you're not careful, though).

Garlic Pepper Mosquito Spray Recipe

4 Garlic cloves
1 Cayenne pepper
2 Cups distilled water
Strainer or cheese cloth
Pump sprayer

Blend the garlic cloves and pepper in a food processor (you don't really have to peel the garlic first, just smash it). Add water slowly. Let stand fifteen minutes and then strain (Discard the solids or use them in a nice salsa). Place the liquid in a pump sprayer and use it on your skin or the plants around your patio or deck.

Note:  Keep it away from your eyes as it can sting. It can be effective for up to eight hours.

The mixture will last a week in the fridge, especially if you use distilled water, which is free of impurities and retards bacterial growth.


  1. Trixie B8:49:00 PM

    Can you use cayenne pepper powder (as sold in the grocery store)? I'm not sure i can buy an actual cayenne pepper anywhere near me.

  2. Trixie B,

    Sure, try 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder. If you use flakes, grind them fine first.


  3. I'm allergic to cayenne - and most pepper-type stuff. Do you know of any substitute that I could use?

  4. Real Rose,

    If you're allergic to hot peppers, try using a quarter of a cup fresh catnip leaves instead.

  5. lovely, will try this as I am being pestered in the garden these days....
    thanks for sharing


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