Growing Marijuana

Marijuana PlantsI'm not advocating growing illegal substances, but it's always nice to see folks so passionate about their herbs. Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) is a greedy crop that needs plenty of nutrients and lots of light. It doesn't like acidic soil.

Growing marijuana in any quantity indoors is impractical, but the new hydroponic setups, like the compact AeroGardens make it possible to cultivate a single plant efficiently for, say, medical reasons, so that it won't break the bank on grow light and energy costs. The tall AeroGardens designed for tomatoes and other large plant crops are the only models that could potentially work successfully. If you're planning on growing marijuana, you probably have a seed source. I'm not going to address the relative merits of different varieties here.

Again, I'm not advocating this, but people ask, so I'm telling you. If this has piqued your interest, there's a video you should take a look at for amusement's sake: Growing Cannabis in an AeroGarden. It's funny, silly and pretty much hits the nail on the pot-head.

I feel compelled to insert some additional cautions just in case you haven't been listening: Illegal pot growing is nothing to mess around with. In the U. S. it carries some severe potential penalties, including imprisonment and forfeiture of real and personal property. If you're visiting this page with more than intellectual curiosity, make sure you recognize what you may be getting yourself into . . . and don't, unless you're living in or planning on traveling to a more . . . liberal climate.

If you believe you have a legitimate medical condition for which medical marijuana may be a viable palliative, discuss your options with your doctor, and check the laws in your state.

No one expects to get caught, and orange jumpsuits are totally unflattering. Grow some nice oregano and learn to cook Italian instead. Become a dynamic baker and get high on the aroma of bread rising. It's nice to want to learn to grow herbs and plants, but do it for the right reasons -- it's healthy, responsible, cost effective and eco-friendly. Keep it safe and legal. Your family will thank you.

Special Note: The photo is courtesy of I have never grown Cannabis and although I admit there's something romantic in the notion, I don't plan on starting.


  1. LOL! Hopefully you won't have the DEA beating down your door over this...

  2. I love this blog. However, is it really necessary to spend more than half of your entry on Marijuana discussing the legal retributions?

    While I think it is great to put in a little disclaimer, you seemed to spend more time addressing legalities than the actual herb. A little disappointing.

  3. Miss,

    I've had three dedicated visitors threaten to stop reading my blog for mentioning marijuana at all. . .even with all of the disclaimers. It's a passionate topic for and against. Marijuana is an herb that has some amazing benefits. It deserves a mention, however brief.

    Given that Blogger, the platform on which this blog is written, will delete any blog that advocates an illegal activity, I wanted to err on the safe side just in case. Sorry.

  4. Anonymous10:26:00 AM

    I am pleasantly surprised and proud of you for including marijuana in your list of herbs! I don't blame you for the stiff warnings. I am just glad you did not preach its dangers to us; you instead speak of its possible usefulness. Bravo!

  5. Anonymous5:56:00 AM

    As a mental health professional could I add the long-term hazards of drug-induced psychosis to the warnings? There's no point risking permanent mental disablement for the sake of a short-term high - unless you think that it'll somehow dull the pain (it won't) of the orange jumpsuits and their lifestyle.
    I've seen too many minds (& lives) destroyed by 'recreational' 'harmless' weed...

    1. in my opinion it is not the weed that destroys the persons who overuse. it is something else in the personality or chemical. i have a nephew that since he was young had violent tendencies (we suspect toxins) anyway my brother allows his use of marijuana-hyperactive/physce drugs just made it worse. he is 18 now and is not fully functional (not able to keep a job so far and no interest in working),however it is my belief that he would be either in prison or a mental institute without "medical marijuana" there are many who suffer from mental problems due to gmos, fluoride, chlorine, hormones, preservatives etc..if weed helps them find peace then that is what they need

  6. Cannabis has been known for thousands of years for all it's medicinal benefits and more. The reason it is illegal is offensive to say the least. Good job including this valuable herb on your blog. I am an activist for medicinal Cannabis and advertise my activism proudly. Good thing you mentioned the legal issues, and as far as some people threatening to stop reading your blog for you mentioning Cannabis, well, I would not care as that only points out to me their own stupidity.

    Congrats to be one of the few places online dedicated to herbs who decide to include Cannabis in the mix.


  7. Oh, one more thing...I feel it necessary to point out to the "mental health professional" mentioning the dangers of "drug-induced psychosis" that it would be beneficial for him to inform himself correctly about Cannabis instead of writing such stupidity.

  8. Anonymous4:21:00 PM

    Drug-induced psychosis and addiction happens, even with weed. This professional isn't lying. BUT this blog is about the herb not a debate on what is socially acceptable. I think we miss out on some beneficial things just because we close our minds to certain possibilities. I'm not a weed activist FYI. I'm actually against legalizing it, BUT I'm also not against this blog for mentioning another popular herb. There are many good logical medical reasons for using it. Especially with cancer patients and their uncontrolled nausea.

  9. Actually it was my legalize medical cannabis activities that got me interested in other medical herbs and prompted the purchase of a few dozen different herb seeds along with a myriad of other things which must accompany growing herbs such as landscaping, pathways and planning a patio pergola. Haven't used cannabis in about 20 years but hope to be able to again someday. In the meantime I'll become an all-around herb cultivating expert. :)

  10. Anonymous4:50:00 PM

    Past the legalities, you forgot to mention the attributes of this herb; the colors, phenotype diversity, the different smells, and the incredibly abundant strains and growing patterns... I know of a few elderly folks who keep a few different of these plants for the sheer joy of growing it; they throw the whole thing out when it finishes. There are other benefits besides the obvious cognitive effects. I've seen it grown and its quite a beautiful plant

  11. It's always encouraging to hear the opinions of a plant lover. Thanks for commenting.


  12. what i love from this plant, apart from its effects, is it's smell. The smell of freshly cut weed -sweet, pungent and deeply mystical- hemp gave us arts and religion... and still does

  13. the smell is definitely amazing! has anyone ever tried using it like in a simmering potpourri? maybe mixed with mint or some other fab smelling herbs and simmered? i so wonder what that would be like....


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