Lime Balm Tea Recipe

Lime Balm TeaLime Balm makes a light refreshing tea that will settle your stomach and help you relax. With its natural lime aroma, it's tasty both hot and cold. Although you can find dried lemon balm at your local health food outlet, you might have to get your garden implements out and grow a supply of lime balm yourself. Don't worry. It's easy to grow both indoors and out, and it can be used in tea either fresh or dried.

Lime Balm Tea Recipe

Steep one tablespoon of fresh chopped lime balm in a mug of boiling water for fifteen minutes. If you like it sweet, lime balm tea tastes wonderful with the addition of a teaspoon of lavender honey or lavender sugar.

To learn more about growing lime balm, visit my article: Growing Lime Balm


  1. Now this is a herb I hadn't heard of so I have to thank you for this article. Now to find some lemon balm to plant! Val

  2. Good luck in your search. I found one online source that I mentioned at the bottom of the Growing Lime Balm article and have seen it at my local nursery in Kentucky and also in California in years past. It's worth a little extra effort locating it. I know you'll enjoy it.




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