Beat the Heat

While you are enjoying all of this hot summer weather, don't forget to protect your herbs. Water them in the morning and never spray the leaves of your outdoor plants during the hottest part of the day. Deep water herbs at least once a week, and be sure to pinch the stems of any herbs that are starting to bolt. This will help extend the useful life of annuals for a couple of weeks.

If you are harvesting your herb crops, avoid placing harvested herbs in plastic bags, and try to get plants harvested early in the day.

This is a good time to start experimenting with herb flavored drinks, like mint ice tea, and lemon balm infused English breakfast tea. Sun tea is fun to make, and kids love it.

When using your herbs as a garnish, immerse the stems in cool water to keep your display herbs green and firm.

If you still have dill and cilantro, try using them in a green salad. That goes for your chives and basil too. Add a little summer savory to your next potato or pasta salad, and try sprinkling just a little chopped rosemary on your next batch of cottage fries.

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