Uses for Parsley

Photo of Curly Leaf ParsleyParsley is a great "medley" herb. It plays well with others to create a dish with a nice blending of flavors. It is one of the key ingredients in bouquet garni, and is a familiar herb in any number of salad and egg dishes, stuffing, and soups. When using parsley, add it toward the end of the cooking cycle unless you are planning on discarding it (as with bouquet garni).

Parsley has long been considered the fresh breath herb of choice. I remember my grandmother telling me to always eat my parsley garnish after a restaurant meal because it was there to help freshen my breath. Although I really don't think that the practice survived the 60s, parsley is still a popular, lush, green garnish served with many professionally prepared meals, and gives us a bit of garden green to enjoy – if only visually.

And as for dental care and fresh breath, parsley seed oil is still used in some prepared mouthwashes and toothpastes. A parsley infusion can also help tame a rambunctious cough.

Parsley is available in bulk at your local grocery, but why not try growing it from the ground up. Growing parsley will give you an appreciation for the bounty we have available for our use, and you'll never look at that bundle of greens in your produce department the same way again.

If you would like more information on keeping and propagating parsley, check my previous post: Growing Parsley

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