Starting an Herb Garden

Photo of Norfolk Lavender FieldsA while back, I wrote a brief article about starting an herb garden. It has some good summary information that will be helpful if you are just getting started. Give it a quick read at: Planting an Herb Garden

When you've finished, the posts below will give you more in-depth tips. If you need background on specific plants, the side bar listing on the left will give you shortcuts to recent articles on how to grow specific herbs. Happy gardening:

Oh, and just a quick closing thought. This is supposed to be fun. If you find yourself getting frustrated, stop for a while. Digging and amending soil can be hard work, so give yourself frequent breaks and don't overdue. Find a shady spot and have an ice tea.

The amazing lavender photo above is courtesy of Andrew Sharpe,, with the kind help of Andrew Dunne. I thought it would give us some inspiration. It was taken at the Norfolk Lavender Farm at Heacham in England. For other photo samples, including other Norfolk Lavender photos, please visit

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