Lavender Ice Cream

Lavender Ice CreamIf you are taking a needed rest from your gardening, or gardening prep duties today, spare a few minutes to look at my lavender blog. I have a recipe for Lavender Caramel Ice Cream that makes a nice summer treat.

If you are heading out to the plant nursery or garden shop later, don't forget to pick up a couple of English lavender plants. Lavender can be a great addition to your garden, kitchen, and craft table. It is lovely to look at and has a complex fragrance with proven relaxing properties. Just working around your lavender plants during the spring and summer will dial down your tension level, help relax your muscles, and improve your attitude.

Using lavender in cooking perks up your dishes and makes a plain meal an attention grabber. The harvest of one lavender plant can provide leaves, stems, and flowers for many great projects.

If I sound like a lavender enthusiast, I am. Need more incentive? I have an index page with lots of lavender projects and information. There will be many more to come, too. Take a look when you have some time to spare. It makes nice weekend reading: Become a Lavender Expert

Photo courtesy of J. Skrepnek. You can see other photo collections by this photographer at:

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