May Wine, May Punch

Photo Sweet Woodruff In order to make traditional May wine, you need to infuse dry white wine, often Rhine wine, with dried woodruff.

Recipe for May Wine with Woodruff

Add a half cup of dried woodruff to a bottle of dry white wine, seal, and store in a dark place (like a cupboard), shaking occasionally, for two weeks to a month.

A few hours before serving, strain, add six tablespoons of sugar, shake, and chill.

When ready to serve, add one bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne to the mixture.

This drink is often served with fruit and topped with strawberries.

Special Note: Woodruff takes on a stronger flavor and fragrance when dried, so for this drink it's best not to use woodruff fresh from the garden.

Growing Sweet Woodruff

For more information on growing and using sweet woodruff, please take a look at my article: Growing Sweet Woodruff

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  1. Anonymous8:41:00 AM

    I always use fresh woodruff but allow it to steep for at least 2-3 days. Adding cut strawberries to the May Bowl is also traditional. Each cup of wine should be garnished with a slice of strawberry, a small sprig of woodruff, and a flower: johnny-jump-ups or violets are preferred.


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