Sweet Woodruff is a Delicate Addition to Your Garden

Woodruff Ground Cover Sweet Woodruff is a beautiful little herb with delicate leaves that grow in tight whorls. It makes an attractive groundcover, and has the reputation of being invasive, but it's shallow rooted so easily kept in check. It grows best in shade, but will tolerate a sunny spot if kept moist. It makes a nice presentation under a larger shrub like a hydrangea. It’s also a natural for your azalea bed. Sweet Woodruff likes acidic soil, and responds well if mulched with garden leaves in the fall.

Woodruff tastes a bit like a mixture of cinnamon and chamomile, and its leaves have traditionally been added to Rhine and May wines as a sweet flavoring. Try adding two large sprigs of woodruff to two cups of white wine, then add two tablespoons of honey and leave the mixture for at least a day. Drink it over ice or as a spritzer.
Woodruff is also a favorite ingredient in potpourri, and it can be added to dried wreaths and swags. For a sweet smelling insect repellent, make sachets of sweet woodruff to place with stored linen. Woodruff can also add fragrance to your bath.


  1. Hi there, I am a budding herb gardner and I have a rather full herb garden. Is this plant expensive to buy? And will it grow in English soil?
    Thanks, I think what you are doing is great!

    1. Sweet woodruff is quite hardy, and it's usually reasonably priced, too.

  2. Is sweet woodruff poisonous to cats? My cat has shown an extreme interest in it and ate a leaf before I could stop her.


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