Make an Easy Homemade Herb Wreath

Frost is on the pumpkin or very close to it for most of us, so now's the time to put together an herb wreath. It sounds difficult, but it really isn't. In fact, making herb wreaths can be among of the most rewarding of fall herb projects. If you have lots of herbs, make a number of wreaths and give them away as hostess or holiday gifts. This is one project that's as impressive to look at as it is fun to create.

You'll need five, six or more herb varieties, a base, wire and wire cutters. Once dried, you can use the herbs all winter in your recipes. I've even taken to adding a little pair of scissors on a ribbon to my wreaths for easy snipping.

Last year around this time, I outlined the steps for making wreaths in the following blog posts. These blogs are longish, but that's just because I wanted to be thorough. Making an herb wreath is pretty simple, and the slideshow in the second blog will help give you some ideas. My wreaths are usually round, but you can go for oval, square or heart shaped varieties, as well as arches or swags.

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